What Are Body Pillows For? | Top 6 Uses For A Better Sleep

What Are Body Pillows For? | Top 6 Uses For A Better Sleep

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While searching for another pillow for the bed, I wanted to try something new. I saw some body pillows on Amazon and never gave them a thought since it seemed odd to me. What are body pillows for? How can it improve sleep? Here is what I found and experienced with my first body pillow.

Tops Six Uses for a Body Pillow

  1. Increase Blood Circulation While Sleeping
  2. Pressure Relief
  3. Improve Body Alignment
  4. Help with Snoring
  5. Prevent Tossing and Turning
  6. Cuddling. Yes, that Cuddling.

Have you ever seen a body pillow and thought about getting one? I never did until recently. Hopefully this will answer all the questions you have about how a body pillow can be used.

What is a Body Pillow Used For?

For most people, a body pillow is used for one of the six reasons listed above. There may be a few more reasons to use a body pillow, but these are the most common uses.

I remember using a long pillow for the kids when they were babies. They would always snuggle up with it, even though I used it to help stop them from rolling off the bed.

I always thought, “Man, that would be great to do as an adult!” and never thought about it again… until I started looking for body pillows and its uses.

Have you ever wanted to be SUPER Comfortable in bed? Get a body pillow!


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Top 6 Uses for a Body Pillow

Increase Blood Circulation While Sleeping

increased circulationI am not advocating that this is a “cure-all” for blood circulation problems. If you suffer from poor blood circulation already, a body pillow can help! Of course, consult your doctor before using.

By allowing part of your body to be a little more elevated in your sleep, it helps to ease the resistance on your blood stream. This allows your blood to flow less restricted and helps your body get some fantastic sleep. I found some research showing that poor circulation can lead to poor sleep somewhere, if I find it again, Ill source it!

Poor circulation should not be a home diagnosis. Please reach out to a medical professional before using a body pillow for poor blood circulation!


Pressure Relief

Another example of what a body pillow is used for is for pressure relief. Body pillows, such as this one on Amazon can also help with other things such as acid reflux and muscle soreness.

By elevating the body while you sleep takes some of the stress off your body and allows it to perform its nightly functions properly. By nightly functions, I mean REM Sleep and its restorative properties.

In addition to pressure relief, these pillows can also help with spinal alignment. This helps to keep you from twisting into crazy positions at night.

Do you twist into strange positions in your sleep? A body pillow can help prevent that and keep you comfortable while you sleep.


Improve Body Alignment

what is a body pillow forA body pillow will help keep your body in a natural alignment while you sleep. As we sleep, we can toss and turn until we find a comfortable position. Body pillows can help us find a position that helps keep our body aligned properly while we sleep.

If you are older than 30, then you know what it is like to wake up with aches and pains from improper sleeping positions. Twisting and contorting your body causes stress to your muscles that can be very uncomfortable when you wake up.

Using a body pillow properly can help you find that comfortable position to sleep, while keeping your body from acting like a contortionist at the circus.

I doubt anyone wants to spend time at a chiropractor if you don’t have to. Finding the right body pillow for you will help you from these visits.


Help with Snoring

Struggling with snoring? Try a body pillow! Hear me out…

Using a body pillow for snoring helps to reduce the stress on your body, allowing more open airways while you sleep. Wedge style body pillows are the popular option for most people that snore.

Allowing your body to breathe easier on a body pillow lets your body work easier while you sleep.

These pillows are also called “Anti-Snore Pillows” and are usually smaller style body pillows. These pillows are not usually designed for a full body experience, but a body pillow is.


Help with Tossing and Turning

what are body pillows forIf you are one of those sleepers that toss and turn every night, get yourself  body pillow. When people ask me what are body pillows for, they usually assume it is for this exact reason. Body pillows can really help by allowing you to lean and relax on something while you sleep.

This also helps with the whole spinal alignment thing and can stop annoying anyone else in the bed with you. If you sleep with someone who tosses and turns at night, get them a body pillow. They will really appreciate you for that, more so if they didn’t realize they needed it!

Tossing and turning at night can interrupt your normal sleep stages. This prevents you from using the full potential of a good nights sleep. A good nights sleep will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day, as opposed to groggy and tired all day.


Cuddling. Yes, Cuddling.

kids cuddle bearYes, that cuddling. Also known as snuggling! Cuddling up to your sleep mate, wife, husband, friend, neighbor or enemy can have the same effects as a body pillow. Raising your body and resting them on another person and also help alleviate pressure and give you a great source of warmth!

This goes along with Why Do We Feel Safe Under Blankets?

We humans are creatures that enjoy other people’s company. If you don’t have anyone to cuddle with, or you really aren’t into that kind of stuff, grab yourself a body pillow.


What are Body Pillows Used For? Where to Buy a Body Pillow!

Here are six reasons to use a body pillow. If you are looking to up your sleep game, then try one out yourself! Ill leave a highly rated one from Amazon here below for you to start your journey.

There are different types of body pillows , so here is a good place to start!

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Almost 5k reviews and a 4.5 star rating cant be wrong! Check out the reviews yourself!

Are they worth it? Yes. Body pillows can help with so many ailments you think they would need a prescription. As a sleep connoisseur, I love stuff that helps get a good nights sleep. More so when there are no prescription, or over the counter medications, that you’ll need to get to sleep.

If you have a favorite, let me know!

Happy Sleeping!







Of all of my hobbies and passions, I love sleep the most! Most people treat sleep as just something you do, but if you make some positive changes in your routine, you can have the a great nights sleep. A great nights sleep will change your life!

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