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REM Sleep Review | Sleep Better from HealthyCell

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REM SLEEP by healthycell




All Natural Ingredients


Ease of Use





  • All Natural
  • Drug - Free
  • Mix with Anything
  • Fall asleep Easily
  • Convenient Packages


  • In Gel Form (Not a deal breaker)
  • Couldn't Find in Stores


A few days ago, the wife and I got the new REM Sleep supplements from We have tried them for the last couple of nights and we want to share our findings with the world. So here is our REM Sleep review for the world to see.

If you know me, you know I am a big advocate against using medications to fall asleep due to potentially lethal consequences. An addiction to sleeping medication is really easy to form and I would rather not travel down that path. This supplement is for OCCASIONAL sleeplessness and not intended for every day use.

Can I recommend it?

Short answer: YES.

Lets get into healthycell’s REM Sleep Gel.


What is REM Sleep Gel?

rem sleep review

REM Sleep is sold exclusively at healthycell’s website at It claims to work on the first time and it delivers on that promise. We took it the second night just to be sure that it had some actual difference and we did not experience a placebo effect. A placebo effect is when your body believes that medication works as it is described, even though it is nothing but a sugar pill.

The wife and I are usually skeptical on trying supplements, but we opened our eyes on the REM Sleep supplement. What really got our attention was the ingredients. It’s all-natural and drug-free. This is a win in our book!

This is not a product that should be used every night. If you are having problems sleeping, like insomnia, try some of my other methods here to overcome it before taking medications or supplements. You can use it if you choose to since it is all natural, but if you cannot sleep, please alert your doctor first.


Lytton Sleep Savings

How is REM Sleep Used?

REM Sleep is in a single use packaging that is squeezed out either directly into your mouth, or mixed with other foods and liquids.

This makes it easily portable and very versatile in how it is consumed. I love that. I preferred to mix it in a bottle of water and my wife took it without a chaser. She is a champ. She loves this kind of stuff and wants to take it uninhibited.

Using all-natural ingredients makes this product a huge plus. With ingredients like lemon balm, jujube extract, magnolia bark and valerian root extract, it tastes better than you think it would.

We each took a dose around an hour or so before we headed to bed. She noticed the effects before I did. It only took around 30 minutes to get a relaxed feeling going for us. Nothing too harsh. So the on-set is about half an hour.

These supplements are designed for occasional use, not an every day supplement. If you need to get a quick nights sleep, or fix your sleep schedule, this can help get


REM Sleep Ingredients

rem sleep by healthycell

There is a lot to cover here, so this is a long section! I want to cover each ingredient so you know what you get when you try it out. The ingredients are blended for maximum benefits of each for a great nights sleep.

The main ingredients are broken down into 4 sections, The Fall Asleep Blend, Lower Body Temperature Blend, the Deep Lasting Sleep Blend and the REM Sleep Blend. On its own, each ingredient has its own sleep and relaxation properties. Mixed together in small amounts, you get the best of all worlds, in one easy to use product. Lets break these ingredients below:


The Fall Asleep Blend (NREM-1 Sleep Stage)

The Fall Asleep Blend for NREM-1 Sleep is:


IngredientAmount Per Serving
Valerian (Valerina officinalis) root extract100 mg
Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) extract150 mg
Jujube Fruit (Ziziphus jujube) extract250 mg
Magnolia Bark (Magnolia officinalis)150 mg
Hops (Humulus lupulus) extract100 mg


Lets take a look at what these ingredients are and what they do.


rem sleep valerian rootValerian root contains antioxidants that have been proven to improve sleep quality.





lemonbalm rem sleep reviewLemon Balm extract also contains antioxidants and is also used for insomnia treatment.





jujube rem sleep reviewJujube fruit extract contains flavonoids and saponins that have been shown to increase sleep time in mice.




magnolia bark rem sleep reviewMagnolia Bark is taken to reduce stress and depression, and acts as a small sedative for sleep. Some tree bark is great for medicinal purposes and cooking! Take cinnamon for example.




hops rem sleep reviewHops is used to help lower your body temperature and induce sleep with some sedative properties. Yes, its the same hops in beer, so yay!




The first set of blends, the Fall Asleep Blend, is for the NREM-1 Sleep Stage. This is around the first 10 to 15 minutes of sleep. Your body is calm and still as your body moves into the second stage of sleep. This blend will have some sedative properties along with some stress reducing effects. These will calm you down for the NREM-2 Sleep Stage blend, the Lower Body Temperature Blend.


The Lower Body Temperature Blend (NREM-2 Sleep Stage)


The Lower Body Temperature Blend is made of:

IngredientAmount Per Serving
Glycine400 mg
Calcium (as calcium lactate gluconate)30 mg
Magnesium (as magnesium citrate)200 mg
Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids (from Ahiflower oil)150 mg


glycine rem sleep reviewGlycine is the sweet taste found in sugar cane. It is an all natural ingredient that helps your body amino acids. One of these amino acids helps with relaxation. This helps with the extended time of sleep and relaxation when taken before bed.




calcium rem sleep reviewCalcium helps the body us amino acids to create natural melatonin. Melatonin is what helps you get to get to sleep.




magnesium rem sleep reviewMagnesium helps with your sleep cycle by maintaining levels of GABA. GABA is a neurotransmitter in your brain that promotes a healthy sleep.




magnesium rem sleep reviewOmega Fatty Acids have shown in sleep studies that when compared to a placebo, people got an extra hour of sleep. Not to mention it has several other documented benefits!





Deep Lasting Sleep Blend (NREM-3 Sleep Stage)


The ingredients of the Deep Lasting Sleep Blend is:

IngredientAmount Per Serving
Vitamin B (as pyridoxine hydrochloride)1.7 mg
Potassium (as potassium gluconate)95 mg
L - Theanine200 mg
L - Arginine Base150 mg
L - Ornithine150 m

vitaminB rem sleepVitamin B helps with sleep by regulating the amino acid tryptophan that manages melatonin in the body.




potassium rem sleep reviewPotassium has a calming and sedating effect during sleep. This allows you to sleep longer, and deeper.




L - Theanine rem sleep reviewL – Theanine helps with sleep by lowering stress and anxiety levels. It also has sedative qualities to help you stay asleep.  Often found in tea.




soybean rem sleep reviewL – Arginine Base is a base natural amino acid that helps with increase the deepness of your sleep. This amino acid is naturally found in vegetables, such as soybeans. It is also used for bodybuilding and coronary health.




ornithine rem sleep reviewL – Ornithine is a natural amino acid that helps you eliminate ammonia from your body. Ammonia can stress your body and prevent a long and healthful sleep.





REM Sleep Blend (REM Sleep Stage)

The ingredients of healthycell’s REM Sleep Blend is as follows

IngredientAmount Per Serving
Melatonin0.75 mg
5 - Hydroxytryptophan (5HTP) (from Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract)100 mg
Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)350 mg
L - Tryptophan250 mg

melatonin healthycell rem sleep reviewMelatonin is a natural chemical that is produced to help induce sleep.





hydroxy rem sleep review5 – Hydroxytryptophan, also known as 5-HTP, is created by the amino acid, L – Tryptophan. It is an all-naturally occurring chemical in the body linked to serotonin production. It helps to promote a better sleep.




gaba rem sleep reviewGamma-Aminobutyric Acid, also known as GABA, is another amino acid that helps with relaxation and stress relief. WHen sleeping these properties allow a deeper and more restful sleep.




L - Tryptophan rem sleep reviewL – Tryptophan is another natural amino acid that stimulated the production of serotonin.






As you can see, I did my research! I rarely try any products without knowing what is in it. What is even more rare, is taking products that have ingredients I cannot pronounce.


My Review of REM Sleep by healthycell



healhycell rem sleep review box 1

My usual sleep routine is to help promote a healthy sleeping cycle. I had to spend a couple days jerking that around by staying up later, eating later and had a couple alcoholic beverages.

What I wanted to do was to create a night that I would have a hard time sleeping. Something outside of my normal evening.

With that aside, I showed her this product and she loves everything about it. I like it as well. It comes in a sturdy box that does a great job of protecting the smaller packages inside.



REM Sleep Microgel

remsleep microgel packagesThe packages are in a singe serving size pack. Very easy to manage! No counting out pills or mixing powders. A one time use package is great.

My wife now has these on her night stand for easy use. I have to go over to her side of the bed to grab one when I need it. First world problems, huh?

Not to say that I am lazy, but you tear the top and consume its contents. Easy. No mixing or measuring. You can either squeeze it all into your mouth, or mix it with water.



rem sleep microgel ingredientsThis picture is hard to see, but everything here is natural and is described above in more detail.

Have you ever wanted to learn how all of these ingredients work? Make sleeping a hobby and make it better! You will run into all kind of snake oil supplements that are just bogus.

Some supplements have some great ingredients, just not in enough quantity. While the REM Sleep Microgel has low doses, it is included in a blend. The overall blend is pretty spot on.



How Does it Taste?

microgelPretty potent. The flavor profile is hard to narrow down. Even my wife agrees with me on that. It has a fruity flavor, but a strong kick of multiple combined flavors.

It has the consistency of cough syrup. The microgel can easily be consumed or mixed with water. You can mix it with anything else you want, but don’t gulp down a big drink right before bed.

I wouldn’t mix it with more than a cup of water if you intend to mix it. It is strong, but not so strong you cant drink it. It is fine for me, but I am not you, you know?




rem sleep recommended

According to my smartwatch, I wear a Galaxy S3 Frontier, I usually turn over two to three times every night. For two nights in a row with the REM Sleep Microgel, I turned over once each night. That tells me I was in a deeper sleep, longer than usual. While I spent a couple nights disrupting my sleep cycle, I still only turn twice.

This confirmed it for me. A good nights sleep will help your body recover better while you sleep. She got a good nights sleep. That is exactly what was sold to me and the reason I will always have some of these on-hand for a rough night.

I have a friend who just had his first baby a couple weeks ago. We got to talking yesterday about the blog and how they sleep in shifts for the baby.  I am going to hand off a couple packets to them and see if it will help maximize what sleep they DO get.


Where to Buy

Get yours today @ REM Sleep by healthycell

25% Off Promo Code – SLEEPGUY

Use Coupon Code SLEEPGUY to save 25% off your first order!

Disclaimer: I am not paid by heathycell to write this review. If you do decide to try it out by clicking one of my links, I may get credited products or monetary gains like a referral fee. I am not employed by healthycell and my opinions that I am sharing are my own. This is one of those products that I would love to talk about with anyone suffering from a poor sleep.

I am also not a medical professional. If you suffer from insomnia , or other sleep disorder, speak with your doctor before taking any supplements. Some sleep disorders can be side effects of more dangerous health issues.

Thanks for reading! If you like our content, check out The Only 8 All-Natural Sleep Aids You Will Ever Need . Some of these ingredients in REM Sleep by healthycell can be found there too.

Happy Sleeping!



Of all of my hobbies and passions, I love sleep the most! Most people treat sleep as just something you do, but if you make some positive changes in your routine, you can have the a great nights sleep. A great nights sleep will change your life!

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