Equilibrium Sleep Set - I Didn't Realize I Needed This

Equilibrium Sleep Set Review – My New Favorite Sleepwear

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Equilibrium Sleep Set






Easy to Care





  • Re-Engineered Silk
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Fast Shipping
  • Machine Washable
  • Made My Wife Jealous


  • T-Shirts in Bed are No Longer Comfortable
  • Had to Buy my Wife a Set

We gotta talk about your sleepwear. I have researched sleep and how to sleep better for more than half a decade and I thought I was okay with sleeping in “light” clothing. I was wrong. After a couple weeks with restlab’s silk sleepwear set, my sleep has officially been upgraded.

As a guy, a t-shirt and basketball shorts or other light materials is an acceptable sleep attire. Light materials like thin cottons seemed to work well for a long time and I never really questioned my sleepwear.

You wouldn’t hop into bed in a jacket and jeans, would ya? That’s silly right? Well, after spending a few nights with the Equilibrium Sleep Set, I have experienced a change of heart on what I wear to bed.

Lets Talk.

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silk pajamas for men and women


Equilibrium Sleep Set Review

restlab sent me a set of these sleepwear to try out and if I liked it, to share it with my readers. I looked through their Kickstarter campaign and did some research on restlab. After a few hours of scouring through the product and how it is made, I accepted and they sent a set out to me.

The Equilibrium Sleepwear Set is not just mens silk sleepwear, it is also silk sleepwear for women too! True comfort for everyone that is looking for a better nights sleep!


silk sleepwear for men and women

Is a Silk Sleepwear Set Worth It? YES.

Skip down to the bottom to see what my experience was. Lets get into restlab’s Equilibrium Sleep Set. To skip all of this, you can get your set here = Equilibrium Sleep Set


Freshly Unpacked and Silky Smooth

What is the Equilibrium Sleep Set?

The Equilibrium Sleep Set is silk sleepwear re-engineered for better sleep.  This is a 2 piece silk sleepwear set, but you can purchase each piece separately if you choose. Not only is this silk sleepwear set extremely comfortable, I think it is the best sleepwear to stay cool at night. I mean it!

restlab started on KickStarter and used technology to re-invent a good nights sleep.

restlab believes that sleepwear or pajamas do not have to come with a luxury price tag to deliver an experience with a better nights sleep. With silk pajamas for men and women, the Equilibrium Sleep Set helps to create a perfect micro-climate for your body to help maximize your sleep potential.

restlab has successfully used science to re-engineer sleepwear and pajamas to help the world sleep better. A bold stance and this product really delivers. After 18 months of development, they are one of the success stories of KickStarter.


Through partnerships with their textile mill, the sleepwear is designed  to be highly breathable and helps eliminate excess body heat, to allow you for a cooler nights sleep.

If you have trouble sleeping because you are too hot, or too cold, then this is the product for you. Since the product is designed with 6A Grade Silk instead of cotton, it doesn’t absorb and hold heat like most other fabrics.

If you suffer from overheating at night, check out my other post on how to stop overheating while you sleep. This product is mentioned there too!


Cool and cozy is how they describe their silk sleepwear set. Since the set is highly breathable, it helps to create a micro-climate to get a better sleep without overheating. It is more thermoregulating than bamboo and cotton sleepwear due to the silks inability to absorb heat like it’s counterpart.

Smooth As Silk

Using the highest quality of silk on this planet, 6A Grade Silk, it is silk! Silk is roughly 3 times finer than the standard cotton fibers that are typically found in cotton sleepwear so the Equilibrium Sleep Set is amazingly soft and smooth.

The website claims a “friction less sleep experience” and it delivers. I never realized how often I adjusted my clothing at night if I tossed and turned. More so around my neck on the t-shirts.

Machine Washable

The Equilibrium sleep set is pre-shrunk and engineered to be machine washable. Just toss it in the wash and let it hang dry. The fabric stays soft and smooth on your skin and stays strong after each wash. Having a washable silk sleepwear set that doesn’t require super extra care is a fantastic feature.

Silk Sleep Set for Men and Women

Designed for both men, and women. The Equilibrium Sleep Set is made for everyone to have a better nights sleep.

silk sleep set for men and women

Where to Buy

unisex silk sleepwearThe Equilibrium Sleep Set can be found here, on restlab.com



Equilibrium Sleepwear Review

My Experience

As I stated earlier, I knew some of the benefits, but I didn’t really imagine they were this game changing. I had to give myself a few nights wearing it, then a few nights back to the usual sleepwear. I even opened a Christmas present from last year of some cotton pajamas’s my wife bought me I never wore. I needed to make sure I wasn’t just imagining things.

I wanted to be sure that restlab’s silk sleepwear set, Equilibrium, really made that much of a difference, and not just me getting excited about trying something new. I got the 2 piece silk sleepwear set for maximum comfort to try out.

Here is what I learned!

washable silk sleepwear


Holy sh*t these are comfortable. It’s almost like wearing nothing at all! It is so light! I can’t believe that I have spent my life without a set of these.

I really didn’t understand what a “friction-less” experience was. Then I tried these and I realized that as I moved around to get comfortable, they don’t “drag” the sheets with them. I know, I know, its a small thing, but it counts. That is why I keep saying these are an EXPERIENCE.

The thermoregulating aspect of this sleepwear is something you can only really feel, and not be told. The best way I can put it is I never felt hot. Have you ever worn something new to bed and you just end up taking it off because its either not comfortable or or just didn’t feel cool enough? Not these. I love these. You’ll love them too.


The Equilibrium Sleep Set has a cooling effect that isn’t like you opened a fridge door under the covers, but I could feel I could cover up with the sheets and I wasn’t overwhelmed with my own body heat.

Mixing the cooling and thermoregulating effects with the comfort, drifting off to sleep was easier than ever. No uncomfortable shirt bunched up on my back or too hot with the covers, just comfortable.


I was a little nervous tossing these in the washing machine at first. I figured my luck would kick in and destroy them in the washer before I got to experience them again. I was wrong again. I have seen a lot of posts on the internet about washable silk sleepwear and how they don’t hold up with washing machines, so I was pretty cautious.

I washed them by themselves first, since I was a little nervous. After my wife making fun of me for being nervous, I was being sort of ridiculous about it, I grabbed them out of the washer and hung them up to dry.

The second night was just as good as the first. Now, I just toss them in with my regular laundry! I hope that doesn’t damage them in the future, but after a couple weeks they are just as good as new.


silk sleepwear set
After a few washes, still looks like new.

Are Silk Pajamas’s Worth It?

I can’t vouch for other brands, but I can say the restlab’s Equilibrium Sleep Set is definitely worth it. I think the price is well below fair value and I expected to see the pricing a lot higher than what it is. If someone were to ask me what are the most comfortable pajamas I have tried, these take the cake.

Quality silk sleepwear set’s like these can run CONSIDERABLY more expensive, using less luxurious silk standards. With almost 2 years to perfect this product, restlab brings this amazing results into an affordable price range.

Get yourself a pair and find out for yourself how comfortable they are! Big shout out to RestLab for a fantastic product I am recommending not to sleep without. Get the 2 piece silk sleepwear set and you wont regret it!


Grab Yours Here

Click HERE to Get Your Equilibrium Sleep Set for Men and Women



Happy Sleeping!




Of all of my hobbies and passions, I love sleep the most! Most people treat sleep as just something you do, but if you make some positive changes in your routine, you can have the a great nights sleep. A great nights sleep will change your life!

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