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Sleeping with a Knee Brace? See if This Helps

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I remember once when I was playing football in the yard with my friends I hurt my knee pretty bad. Granted, I was in my 30’s and really shouldn’t have been playing like I was in my teens, but hey, I go all out. Sleeping with a knee brace was one of the most uncomfortable sleep experiences I can remember. Since I like to help people get a great nights sleep, I thought I would share my top 7 tips on how to sleep with a knee brace!

7 Tips to Sleep Better When Sleeping with a Knee Brace

  1. Use Extra Pillows
  2. Replacing Your Knee Brace
  3. Keep the Straps Tight
  4. Use Cold Therapy
  5. Check Your Knee Braces
  6. Keep the Injury Site Moisturized
  7. Use a Light Bedding

Using these quick and easy techniques can not only help you get to sleep, but stay asleep, while sleeping with a knee brace.

Why Are You Sleeping with a Knee Brace?

sleeping with a knee brace
You can sustain a knee injury for various reasons. Whether it is a sports injury or on the road to recovery from knee surgery, it is possible that you may be required to wear a knee brace to help with healing and rehabilitation. Whatever the reason, my heart is with you. I understand your pain and discomfort.

In some cases of injury, doctors recommend using knee braces even at night so that the joint stays intact. A knee brace provides support to your knees and can provide some relief. Knee injuries are usually very painful, and in many cases, it may take months to recover. If the injury is very bad, you may even be required to sleep with the knee braces on. It may not be that comfortable to sleep with the knee braces on.

Maybe is Osteoarthritis? (WebMD)
Here, we shall look at some simple tips on how you can sleep comfortably with your knee braces on.

So, how can you sleep properly with a knee brace?

It is natural to toss and turn when we sleep at night. So, if you happen to be using one of the knee braces when you sleep, sudden movements could aggravate your injury, causing more pain. You can try different methods like using a pillow for comfort, adjusting the straps and hydrating your knee areas. Lets cover the 7 ways to sleeping with a knee pad that makes a better nights sleep easier.

When you lie down with your knee brace on, you need to provide some support to your brace so that it does not disturb your sleep at night. You can use a pillow either between your knees or under your knees, depending on your sleeping position. Use a knee pillow that is made of memory foam as they provide much comfort on whatever position you use them. A great knee pillow, like this one on Amazon, will work wonders with your sleep.

Also, prop your knee above your heart when you sleep. This will help stop some of the pain and irritation and let you get some well deserved sleep. After all, your body has more to do!

Wearing your knee brace for long hours can cause skin irritation due to the accumulation of sweat and dirt. This can cause itchiness around the knee areas and disrupt your sleep. If you are an outdoor person, it is advisable to get another knee brace for wearing at night. If you are out more often, the knee brace could become sweaty from walking. It is important to maintain good hygiene in your knee areas to avoid skin infections. Keep the knee brace clean so it won’t collect dust.

A lot of the knee braces on the market are machine washable. Having two or three of these braces on-hand wouldn’t be bad idea so you can always have a clean one ready. Under normal usage, every two to three days you should change out your knee brace. If you can smell it, its time to change it.

Before you sleep off, remember to tighten your knee brace straps firmly depending upon the seriousness of your injury. Make sure that it is not so tight that it may cause you some discomfort. Keep the straps firm enough, so that even if you toss around at night, the straps will not loosen or fall off.

Don’t cut off circulation to your legs, but keep it comfy. We are trying to promote muscle repair here, not create a tourniquet. Although, using a tourniquet could eliminate the knee problem…

Try the cold therapy wrap before you go off to sleep. The cold therapy wrap uses freezing ice cubes on the affected areas to numb the pain. Cold therapy is used to reduce ease swelling or inflammation on the site of injury and provides relief from pain as it numbs the area.

If you are frequently experiencing joint pain or other knee disorders, then you may want to check out the Vive Cold Therapy Machine over on Amazon.


If you are using the knee braces for long periods, check if they cause skin irritations or itchiness around your knee areas. If you feel comfortable wearing them for long hours, then you can continue wearing them while you sleep too. But if wearing them for long hours causes any problems, then it is better to avoid them for night time. It should be comfortable to wear for at least 8-10 hours while you sleep, without causing any irritations.

If your knee brace was prescribed, let your doctor know about the discomfort you are experiencing. There may be a reason why that specific brace was recommended. If not, try to find one that fits you more comfortably.


Wearing the knee braces for long hours can dry out the skin; this can further irritate the skin causing rashes, irritations and even skin infections. So, it is very important to keep the area deeply moisturized. Dry and itchy skin can cause a lot of discomforts while you sleep. As you go to bed, apply a good moisturizer or ointment before you wrap your knee with the braces. Also, let your knee to get some air before you wrap it with the brace. If possible, make it a point to switch the knee braces from time to time. Using one brace for a very long duration can dry out the skin and cause skin irritations.

When you take it off in the shower or bath, go ahead and put some moisturizer on it and let it absorb in before putting your knee brace back on. You want to be sure you do not dry the area out and create more problems than you already have.

If you are a glutton for punishment and pain, then ignore everything here.


When you have a knee injury, you need to use light bedding so that it is easier for you to toss and turn on your bed with the braces on. Go for smooth sheets so that when you turn, it is not very difficult or painful to move around in your own bed.

Who knows, you may want to get fancy, and stay fancy, with those soft and smooth sheets. The bum knee might have given you a new look on bed sheets! A good nights sleep is priceless!

If you cannot find any soft sheets at home, check out these recommendations below for highly rated soft bedsheets. Your welcome.

Now that we have discussed the tips for sleeping properly with the knee braces on, let us now look at how we can prevent knee injuries and the right kind of knee braces to choose from.


How Can You Prevent Knee Injuries?

sleeping with a knee brace

There are steps you can take to prevent knee injuries in the future. Unless you get sports injuries or get into car accidents that cannot be prevented. But knee injuries due to falls can be prevented by taking care of our weights. Regular exercise is very important to prevent knee injuries. Learn to stretch your bodies before exercising so you do not put unnecessary pressure on your knees. Maintaining good body weight is very important for knee health. Being overweight puts excess weight on the knees; it puts extra pressure on your knees and causes you to fall. So, maintain good body weight to prevent knee injuries in the future.


Knee braces, no doubt, help to manage pain. But choosing the right knee brace can be a little bit overwhelming. There are different types of knee braces – from hinged, compression, wraparounds, bands/straps, and custom knee braces. The doctor will recommend the type of knee braces that fits your knees according to your injury.

It takes some time to recover from a knee injury, though it depends on the severity of the injury. Using a good quality knee brace is essential to a quick recovery.

Here are some recommendations for some quality knee braces on Amazon with high reviews. This is your knee, don’t cheap out on it.



Sleeping with a knee brace is never comfortable. Depending on WHY you are wearing the knee brace can be the difference between what is, or isn’t comfortable for you. Try the techniques and tips here and see if it works for you.

If you have some better tips, leave it in the comments!

Happy Sleeping!

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Of all of my hobbies and passions, I love sleep the most! Most people treat sleep as just something you do, but if you make some positive changes in your routine, you can have the a great nights sleep. A great nights sleep will change your life!

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